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About This Site


This is the only site where you control the contents. We want you to be able to promote your ideas, your work, your films, your pictures, your stories, your poetry, your music... all for FREE!

We want YOU to be able to use our free online magazine as a vehicle to advertise your talent in front of as many people as possible! SCROLL DOWN TO LEARN MORE

The concept is really quite simple, the more contributions of material we get, the more interesting and popular the magazine becomes and more people get see or hear YOUR WORK!

The mission of FOOT PRINTS IN YOUR MIND is to do for artists of all types, what the television show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT does for physical entertainers!

We believe that by giving writers, musicians, graphic artists, and other talented people a venue from which they can share their work in a regular and consistent forum, that is always new fresh and entertaining, will be instrumental in bringing their work to a much larger audience.

We want our magazine to be offered to the public for free and we will not charge any fees to the people who share their work with us. Our plans also include an upcoming radio show to augment the magazine.

As the magazine and radio show continue to grow in popularity, the value of the “non-contributor” ad space will clearly increase. We will offer that space to “outside” advertisers so that we might be able to pay our expenses. We also except contributions from people who believe that what we are doing is a positive and useful project that will help many struggling artists.

To read a copy of FOOT PRINTS in YOUR MIND, just goto: Magazine and click on the copy you want to read. After you open the PDF file, you can easily save it to your computer or just read it here. I also suggest that once the file opens that you set the VIEW - PAGE DISPLAY function on your PDF READER to; "two_up"

To learn more about who we are, goto: The Team and read a little about us.

You can listen to a few interviews we have done too: Audio

And for a little fun, goto: Video and enjoy a free movie!

Also, the best way to navigate this site is to use the Contents that is found on the top left of every page. It shows you all the pages that are available!

Lastly, please feel comfortable sending us any feed back, good or bad, along with any suggestions on how we can improve our service either of two simple ways; Share Your Idea or just email us Contact Us !

If you find this service helpful and you want to support artists in your area, please consider a donation to help us cover our operating costs. Any amount would be helpful and appreciated.
Thank you, "the FOOT PRINTS TEAM"

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